Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm Alive, I Just Don't Have Time

I really want to post pictures of our adventures at the bird sanctuary and our camping trip, but I just haven't had the time! I will get at that soon, hopefully.

I had a midwife appointment today (I'm 20 weeks!), and all looks well besides my bloodwork showing that I am no longer immune to Rubella, and my midwife thinks I have a hernia. The top of my belly is sore and bulging a bit, I thought it was just stretching from pregnancy, but my midwife wants me to go see a doctor and get an ultrasound to confirm. I really don't have time for these kinds of things, haha.

I have two sales coming up next week for the Servants Anonymous Foundation. I'm not the sales person, I do admin from home, but the sales person has stepped back so I have to do these. I really, truly love and believe in this organization. They are totally worth supporting. Sales are not my forte at all, but something I need to do because summer is our worst time for sales and we need to meet the budget. If you want to see our products you can go here. If anyone is interested in ordering anything, you can do so through me and I can ship. There is some really cute baby stuff! Or if you are local I can give you the location of the upcoming sales if you're interested, just leave a comment and I will contact you personally.

I know I don't really post a lot of personal stuff here, but I could use some prayer right now. I have been doing really well for the last while, but suddenly I am being bombarded with a lot of stuff (the hernia and work stuff is just the tip of the iceberg), and am getting extremely stressed and weighed down mentally and emotionally. This is my first pregnancy that hasn't been plagued by depression, and I hope I can continue to hold everything together.

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