Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bringing on the Estrogen!

The technician at my ultrasound this morning was pretty sure the baby is a girl.

She's cute like her siblings. ♥ You can see her heart here too, that was the first thing I saw when the technician put the wand up to my belly, it was precious.

I love the freaky face-shots. And that's her hand up there, the ball-like thing. She had her hands in fists the whole time, just like her big sister did! God help me...


It took the technician about 15 minutes to get a picture of the open hand. She kept jiggling my belly to try and get the baby to open her hand. My poor bladder!

EEEEE, I love her so much already! I'm so so tempted to go and buy a bunch of girly diapers!

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