Friday, July 31, 2009


One of our favourite things to do this summer has been visiting friends every week out on Lindsie's farm. It is wonderful for me to get out of the city, and the kids love playing with their friends and having so much space to run around (and new toys to play with). Isn't it beautiful?

The kiddie pool is a big hit too.

Judith likes to run and jump in, I don't know how it doesn't hurt her butt!

Gideon spent quite a while just walking back and forth from the pool to the flowers.

She likes to ride this thing down the hill at full speed. She has no fear. I just hold my breath.

Exploring the world via bike.

She has a new-found fascination with binoculars.

I love that he loves flowers.

I've noticed lately that he has taken a liking to RED cars. I'm not sure why red, but it's cute. He found 2 there and was in heaven! He makes sound effects and all.


b v said...

its so cute that your son loves cars does my 3 yr old :) though now his latest fad is the c-train

Grace@ MammaInTheScene said...

Those pictures are really good.
I love the picture of Judith jumping into the water! so great.

Anonymous said...

The farm is gorgeous!! And when did Gideon get so big? Seems he has really matured this summer..