Friday, July 24, 2009


We went camping this past weekend and it was so much fun! I can see us doing a lot more in the future. The kids loved it. And I got a much-needed nature fix.

Our campsite (our cousins came with their trailer, we stayed in the tent).

The view.

Gideon enjoyed finally having lots of space to walk around without me always bugging him about being careful and not getting hit by cars and other such silliness.

So much spaaaaaaaaaace, it was awesome!


Gideon watched us all brush our teeth over in this spot, so when I gave him his toothbrush (it's more like a chew toy that cleans his teeth), he went right over there all on his own, to the "spot". It was so cute. I hope he didn't sit in a bunch of our spit...

I love the sky out here!

We went hiking and the forest was SO beautiful!

Gideon enjoyed the hike, it must have been soothing. He always seems to fall asleep in the mei tai.

Judith was brave and ventured into the ice-cold creek.

It was so wonderful there.

Family pic!

Ready to go!

Judith LOVED all of the attention from our cousins!

My favourite pic from the weekend.

Gideon loved all of the plants, trees, bugs and flowers. He is a nature boy for sure!

He LOVED exploring!

Judith loved getting dirty.

Gideon also loved the junk food...

Glow bracelets!

Watching cartoons in the trailer in the morning. Yeah, we were totally roughing it, haha.


Gideon thinks that breakfast tastes better with a little dirt mixed in.

We had a great weekend with our cousins!

Sorry for so many photos, we just had such a great time!


Grace@ MammaInTheScene said...

I love camping. such wonderful, wonderful family time.
also, I can't believe how big Gideon is getting.

Stinx' Mom said...

I LOVE that pic of Judith!! Even though she's got some dirt on her face it is such a beautiful pic of her. I LOVE it.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful. Where is this magical place?

Kelly said...

Etherington Creek in Kananaskis. Just a little campground tucked away in the foothills...