Friday, July 3, 2009

30th Birthday Suggestions?

So Dave's 30th birthday is on the 12th. He doesn't really care, and isn't much of a birthday person. But I think it's a big milestone, I definitely want something big for MY 30th birthday (which is still years and years away, haha). I've asked him what he wants to do, and he just isn't really interested in anything. Although he did say he would like to see the movie G.I. Joe. I'd love to have a party or something for him, but honestly he would hate it. I've suggested we go and do something fun (camping? paintball?), but he's all 'meh'.

I also don't know what to get him (that we could afford right now). He told me he wants me to sew something for him. He always thinks of something basically impossible that he wants. I have no idea WHAT I could possibly sew for him that he would like. Plus I don't know WHEN I would have time to do so in the next 8 days (it's hard to do anything with the kids around, Judith always has to have her hands in everything, and I would have to be able to do it all start to finish in a short time, because I can't leave ANYTHING out and walk away, even for a few minutes). Oh, and I don't know how to sew. *sigh*

Dave's birthday is on a Sunday so I am going to see if my cousins will take the kids that day, so we can at least go see his movie. I'm going to feel sad though if his birthday ends up being nothing special. I just don't know what to do.

He probably will not read this, he doesn't usually check my site. So it's pretty safe to comment if you have ideas.

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1urbanmom said...

Bill's 30th Birthday is on the 19th this month and we are doing dinner at a burger joint only the theme and attire is "Saved By the Bell" (did you guys watch that show?) and I'm going to hang a big sign that says "The Max" which was the burger joint where they all used to hang out.