Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas Wishes

I'm just posting this for family members who may be wondering what the kids want for Christmas. They went through catalogues and wrote out their lists as a writing exercise, and we are going to send off our letters to Santa tomorrow at the parade. I just thought I'd post the lists here before we send them off! The kids know that they will definitely not be getting everything on their lists, so don't feel obligated, these are just ideas.  

Judith's List

  • Slurpee Machine
  • Angry Birds Stocking 
  • Ice Skates 
  • My Little Pony Princess Luna (I got this for her for her birthday) 
  • Remote Control Thomas 
  • Play Mobil Pegasus 
  • Baby Butterscotch Pony 
  • iPod 
  • Cinderella Carriage and Horse 
  • Toy 6V 4-wheeler (ride-on) 
  • Guitar 
  • Hello Kitty Karaoke 
  • Hello Kitty Alarm Clock 
  • Remote Control McQueen 
  • Angry Birds Lego 
  • Princess and the Pop Star (Barbie) DVD 
  • Barbie and Tawny (horse) 
  • Magic Set 
  • My Little Pony Royal Castle (I got this for her for Christmas) 
  • Disney Fairies 
  • Bath Blast Finn McMissle 
  • Star Wars Angry Birds 
  • Rapunzel 
  • Art Easel 
  • Slinky 
  • Rio Monkey and Jewel (I got her the Jewel) 
  • Angry Birds Blue Slingshot 
  • Angry Birds Backpack 
  • Cat Stuffy 
  • Horse Stuffy 
  • Remote Control Plane or Helicopter   

Gideon's List

  • Train Table 
  • Car Garage 
  • Cars (Disney) 
  • Angry Birds (I got him a few space Angry Birds plush toys)
  • Remote Control Thomas  

Ruthie's List

  • Flashlight 
  • Binoculars 
  • Princess Dress and Shoes 
  • Cash Register 
  • Dolly 
  • Plasma Car 
  • Bike 
  • Microphone 
  • Barbie Princess 
Also, just fyi, for Judith's birthday we got her the Princess Luna and Zecora dolls from My Little Pony.  For Ruthie's birthday we got her Miss Cheerilee and the Cutie Mark Crusaders from My Little Pony, and a Magna Doodle.  For Christmas we got Judith the Royal Castle with Princess Cadence and Shining Armor (My Little Pony), Gideon a few plush Space Angry Birds (but we want to get him a ukulele), and Ruthie a Leaptop (Leapfrog laptop).