Tuesday, January 20, 2009

There's No Time Like January to Plant a Garden!

Well, an indoor garden. Judith's first biology lesson, yay!

Ready to start!

Seeds? Check! Calendula flowers.

Gonna dig me a hole...

Gonna put some seeds in it!

Throw in a dash of love and words of encouragement...

Now on to Judith's favourite veggies - PEAS!

Showing them some love too.

Our pea pots. Hopefully we will get 4 plants out of the two pots. I really hope they grow, I haven't really grown anything indoors before... So this will be a fun experiment!

I'm not a very good plant mama, as you can see (I also just got out of the shower so my hair is wet, and looks kind of weird). Well, I guess it's hard to understand since you didn't see all the DEAD leaves I pulled off. It used to be a big plant, and only a few little persistent leaves survived my months of neglect.

But we gave this guy a second chance. He's a survivor!

So now I guess we will find out how green our thumbs really are!


VanessaKim said...

What a good little farmer. :)

gracious said...

are you using a heating lamp or anything to help your plants grow?

Looks like fun! :-)

Kelly said...

I just put them in the window during the day when the sun is out, and then put them in the kids room when we go to bed (because there is a heater in there, the rest of the place gets really cold!). They seem to be doing well. I should do an update post soon!