Thursday, January 8, 2009

She is Never Getting Her Lisense...

About a month ago I was out driving in some very snowy, slippery conditions, when Judith started throwing a tantrum.

Me: What's wrong?

Judith: Mommy, I want to crash!

M: No, I am not going to crash. That would be bad.

J: I WANT TO CRAAAAASHH! *continues with tantrum*


Mandi said...

Ok this is funny because Cody's been playing a game on Ryan's PSP that he calls "Crashing" (it's a racing game and you can crash the cars and get points). So every so often when we drive, he'll talk about me crashing! Haha, no way jose!

Victoria T. said...

haha wow!!! i guess she doesn't realize that crashes end up being costly and cause people to get hurt? that's really funny that she went crazy wanting you to crash though!!!