Friday, January 23, 2009

Baby in the Snow: A Step-By-Step How-To

Brought to you by Gideon

Step 1: Look like an uber cute marshmallow baby. Then no one will suspect you.

Step 2: Convince your sister to carry out your evil snowballing schemes.

Step 3: Sweet-talk your Mommy into letting you down on the snow. Look innocent. Wait for the right moment.

Step 4: Fall back quickly when no one is looking... FOCUS, because the next step is tricky.

Step 5: Roll on to your belly and attempt to get a mouthful of this wonderful, mysterious white substance beneath you. CAREFUL! Move quickly before Mommy moves in and enforces her no-fun policies!

If you get caught and all your plans are foiled, don't fret, there's always next time!

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