Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our Etsy Christmas

I am a big fan of, and I want to share the great toys I got for the kids for Christmas! These sellers are awesome and I totally recommend them!

For Gideon:

From babus:

Felt Teether

Crinkly Baby Toy (Gideon actually LOVES this! And it would be SO easy to make!!!)

From LittleThingsDesign:

I totally LOVE this ball! It has a rattle in it, and is the perfect size. Also, it is beautiful! I think this was my favourite.

I also am super-impressed with this elephant! It is bigger and nicer than the photo portrays. It has a rattle as well, and both Gideon and Chop Chop love it. Chop Chop even prefers it over all of his cat toys, so I have to watch when Gideon is playing on the floor, because the cat will try and steal it, lol.

I also got Gideon 6 pairs of Crawler Covers (think BabyLegs) for $34 (w/free shipping!) from fategoddess, and I love them:

I'm going to interject here to also recommend BabiesRawk, where we got Gideon's blankie back in the summer. It's awesome, well-made and I love it, and Gideon won't sleep without it. = )

And, I didn't get this, but I really like this store! It's TickiTackiToys, and they dye their wooden toys with berries which I think is so cool. But the international shipping costs kill me, so I couldn't buy from them. = (

I ended up getting the Melissa & Doug wooden stacker for Gideon instead of the one above, and also the M&D big knob wooden car puzzle. I also got him a wooden teether from Haba, a minky locally-made bib and a knit sweater.

For Judith I got (also from M&D) a wooden Canada map puzzle, an abacus, and the wooden shape sorting clock. I had also ordered a xylophone from Plan Toys, but it ended up being out of stock... so maybe I can get that for Gideon's birthday. I really love all of the Melissa & Doug and Plan Toys stuff! I also got Judith some finger paints, the Veggie Tales Pirates movie, some books, puzzles, a mug for hot chocolate and a pretty "haute couture" top that I got at a greatly reduced price.

So.... the kids did really well this Christmas! And that's just the stuff from us. They were also very spoiled by their extended family!

I know that this post would have been more useful, say, BEFORE Christmas, but what can you do.

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