Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Boy

Gideon is learning the fine art of whining to get his way. Oh, not just whining though. More like the if-I-don't-get-my-way-the-world-will-end kind of screamy, growly, cry. Yeah, it's awesome. Funny at first, but it gets old fast. He's also starting to do the same thing if I walk away from him for one second.

Gideon also officially does not ever want to sleep in our bed anymore. He's always mostly slept in his bassinet and then crib (beside our bed), but I would occasionally nap with him or take him to bed with me in the night after Judith was asleep. But he just doesn't seem to like it anymore and won't fall asleep beside me, but then will pass out right away in the crib. I remember Judith quit sleeping in our bed at 9 months (and then started again when she was 25 months). It's bitter-sweet. I wonder if he will come back eventually too?


gracious said...

he wants to sleep in his own bed? I have to admit, I'm jealous...a little bit.

sometimes I wish either of my girls would sleep in their bed

Kelly said...

I honestly hope that he comes back to our bed eventually. I just feel so much better for some reason when my kids are in bed with me. I was secretly happy when Judith decided that she wanted back in. = )