Friday, November 28, 2008

A Break

I have decided to take some time away from the internet for a while to personally regroup and reorganize my life and priorities. I will not be online for the month of December. I will write up some posts this weekend and post-date them so that there will still be one post a week, not that it really matters, but I want this blog to still seem somewhat alive. However I will not be reading any other blogs or be able to reply to any comments until January. Sorry for any inconvenience (LOL!).

Lately I have just been spending too much time online and not enough time with my family and taking care of my house. The internet is my "escape" from life, my drug of choice, if you will. I have been going through some difficult times personally this week, and I just need some serious introspection time to figure out where some of the issues that have been coming up in me are coming from. I need to force myself to deal with my issues instead of just escaping to the computer. I also need to eliminate this distraction so I can get my life and house in order.

I need a new game plan for my life. I need to find some sort of routine that works and doesn't just fall apart after a month or so. I need to find a way to meet my own needs that are currently being neglected, so that I can be a better wife, mother and friend.

I will be back in January, hopefully refreshed and full of great ideas and funny stories for you. I know I need to continue writing, and blogging seems to be the only way I can consistently do it.

Thank you for reading! I hope everyone has a wonderful December, a lovely Christmas, a happy New Year, and I will see you on the flip side!

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