Friday, December 5, 2008


The smell of Vicks Vaporub is totally burned into my throat.

Judith was quiet for a few minutes so I went to investigate, and she had climbed up on the diaper pail and reached the almost full tub of Vicks on the dresser. When I found the tub, it was EMPTY. She had smeared the stuff EVERYWHERE. I was horrified, and almost suffocating from the smell.

I didn't even know what to do and just sat down for a few minutes, before stripping Judith down (it was all over her clothes and hair) and putting her in the bath. The cat was also covered, so I had to give him a bath right away before he attempted to lick himself. THAT was fun. Then I had to strip her bed down because the sheets and blankets were covered, as was the entire bed frame, some of her stuffed toys, her shelf, the ledge, and whatever random things were around. It was awful! I cleaned up while Judith was in the bath.

I was SO mad, I can't even begin to tell you. It just added to my already bad day. By the time I was done Judith was all whiny so I just put her to bed. Surprisingly, she actually went to sleep. She KNEW I was mad. I wasn't really sure what to do though, to make her realize what she did was wrong. I explained it to her of course (after completely freaking out at first), but I'm not sure if she got it.

She slept for a couple hours, which at least gave me a bit of time to mentally regroup. Then she woke up just as I was putting Gideon to bed (of course), and she apologized to me. She helped me clean up the living room, and then we did some puzzles and coloured together. I'm sure she was just acting out in the first place because I was having such a horrible day and didn't want to be around her.

But yeah, what an awful day!


blue said...

Ew. I can just imagine the stench! And that can`t have been easy to get off, even in the tub, Vicks is so greasy. :P

Our oldest kids are almost the same age, my son, Dorian, turns three Dec. 14th. Luckily he`s outgrown the whole dig into jars of gunk stage (knock on wood), but his younger brother shows signs of continuing on this path for the rest of his life.

Anonymous said...

wow..thats aweful!!! Sorry you had such a bad day.