Friday, November 14, 2008

Cute Video

I hope Judith comes up with fun stories like this some day.

Once upon a time... from Capucha on Vimeo.

Judith does like to make up stories with her toys, but usually it's only one or two scenarios that she plays over and over... And she often just copies scenes from her favourite shows, which makes me cringe. I read an article in the latest Mothering magazine about preschools in Europe that are completely outdoors, no matter what the weather, and how the kids have a better true creative ability when they are able to play in the forest all day as opposed to watching videos and being bombarded with familiar characters all the time. It breaks my heart because I can see that it's true. But it's so hard in our culture to avoid it. The tv is almost always on in my house, and it's usually for Judith. We have a small apartment, and sometimes it's all I can do for my sanity. Judith doesn't seem to be able to just play on her own.

I wish we at least had a back yard where she could play outside. We go to the park, but it's hard for me to hold Gideon and try to play with her, and also to simply keep her away from the roads. I go because Judith needs it, but it is stressful for me and takes a lot of effort. I grew up out in the country surrounded by forest, and I did have a wonderful imagination. Not that you HAVE to have a forest to be creative, but honestly it helps. Any little tidbit of nature helps, I think. I used to play outside a lot. I wish I could give my children that same kind of environment to grow up in...

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1urbanmom said...

I wish we had a backyard too! I had backyard envy this past week when we went to hang out at a friends house. We sat sipping coffee while the kids safely roamed the yard playing. We are city park dwellers as well..