Saturday, November 8, 2008


I'm sure everyone is sick of the word "vote" by now and is glad this whole election business is over (or am I the only one?). But I have something totally different for you to exercise your voting abilities on, since you're all warmed up.

I recently submitted my breastfeeding story (the one I posted a little while back) to a collection in-the-making and it was selected to be a part of the book ‘Just Call Me Daisy: A Breastfeeding Mothers Story’. It would be really cool if the book got published, I think this kind of book would be helpful to new and prospective mamas. It would also be really awesome for me personally to know that words I have written would be sitting on a bookshelf somewhere.

The book was created through, and you can go here ( to vote. The top 10% of book proposals based on the voting will be published. I think you need to have an account to vote, but it's simple to sign up and it's actually a really cool little writer's community. The book my story is in is currently on the 4th page, again it's called ‘Just Call Me Daisy: A Breastfeeding Mothers Story’. Please vote for us! = ) Or if you don't like it please leave constructive criticism. It could always be edited and resubmitted later for voting again. Some of the other books up for voting on are pretty cool too.


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