Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Breakthrough Discovery!

Look! A genuine mountain man in his natural habitat. It has been recently discovered that mountain men often wear their young. After extensive observation, it is believed that this practice serves a dual purpose. It is partly to relieve his mate, and allow her to chase after older children, while also hauling precious sustenance in the form of hot chocolate and cookies. It also causes the female to continue to be exceedingly attracted to him, thus ensuring the continual production of offspring. This is a fascinating discovery, that is sure to impact other species of men as they realize the immense benefits of the practice.


Kristy said...

hehehe great post kelly! I actually lol'd teehee!

Victoria T. said...

It's probably so much easier to wear your second child when having a toddler to run around too. I plan on wearing my new baby when he's born. Hopefully it will all work out well. That's cool that mountain men would wear their kids but hey, then again they could get work done while doing so (if at home or whatever, since I am sure the mother took care of the kids during the day).

Mandi said...

Ok this post was hilarious, witty, well written, and OH SO TRUE!!! lol!! Thank you for the chuckle!