Monday, June 1, 2009

We Love Grandma!

(Sorry, this one will be long!)

My mom was recently here for a visit. The kids are HUGE Grandma fans. But really, who isn't? Especially when it involves lots of sugar and good times.

Here are a few of the hundreds of photos from her week-long visit:

We went to the new Bass Pro Shop! Gideon was not impressed that he was left in the cart.

Trying on hats.

Her Grandpa's genes emerging. Oh, you didn't know I was raised a redneck?

Ice cream!

Heritage Park

Judith: "Hmmm, that curb doesn't look that big..." Gideon: "Woo hoo! road trip!" Me: "13 more years before I have to worry..."

Waiting to board the train. Gideon: "Whoa! That's big!" But he loved riding on it!

The kids LOVED the train!

Gideon looking at the chickens. Putting two and two together by the looks of it, and getting hungry...

Judith's favourite part, by far, was the rides. Especially the ferris wheel. She went on that one twice!

Horse-drawn wagon ride was another favourite.

And of course, the sugar.

At the Zoo!


Gideon took it upon himself to put dirt all over the walls.

"Mama, this doesn't taste so good."

"A dandelion, for you Mommy!"

We planted some sunflowers and cosmos, you know, the fool-proof flowers...

Then Grandma and Judith planted some potted flowers, so it wouldn't look so barren for now.

Judith's favourite job, which she has done faithfully every day since! And I am happy to report that so far 3 sunflowers and several cosmos have sprouted!

Judith is definitely Grandma's girl.

2 months until we get to go back and visit Grandma and Grandpa at the cottage!

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Stinx' Mom said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun :)