Monday, June 22, 2009


I've never sewn anything by hand before. I haven't sewn anything with a machine since grade 8.

But Lambie needs some serious surgery if he's going to survive. I keep finding Lambie guts (stuffing) everywhere.

Anyone know how to fix him? I guess I will need a patch, but the fabric around the tear is totally threadbare too. I don't even know where to begin.

But we need to save him. He is loved very much.

Someone please tell me what to do!


VanessaKim said...

Oh no! Poor Lambie! I wish I could help you but I'm seriously challenged when it comes to sewing anything. :(

Stinx' Mom said...

I could try to sew him up for you.

Anonymous said...

You could try and find matching material for the front that is so thin, rip out the stitches and pin in the new fabric (that you have cut to fit to the size of the piece you are replacing). Then you can whipstitch it to the head by hand. IF you think you can salvage what is there and just re-attach the head, then just whipstitch it by hand. You should be able to look up a diagram online for how to do this stitch.