Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I See a Light at the End of This Tunnel!

Only one more day of this no Facebook crap!

I have learned a few things:

1. I suck at housework.

2. That's ok, I don't really care in the end.

3. People can love and accept me despite my flaws.

4. It's not the end of the world if I don't know what's going on with everyone.

5. It's nice to take a few moments now and then to spend with my thoughts instead of always going to the computer.

6. BUT the house gets trashed the same whether I'm on the computer or not.

7. I hate snow.

8. Ok, fine, I do miss Facebook a lot and feel totally out of the loop.


10. Next year I should give up something else.

I didn't stick with my exercising or purging, although I did make headway. To be honest, there were many days where I felt so horrible that just making it to bed time was a huge victory. There were also many good days. I think it was more important to be kind to myself than to force myself to keep up with my goals. The house will get done eventually, as long as I don't give up completely. And I have been watching Dr Who a lot lately, which makes me want to take up running. I think I might actually enjoy that. The gluten-free diet has been a huge success though, as I mentioned before. It was easy to keep up with that once we saw the results.

There are other, more deep and thoughtful things that have been going on with me since I've been disconnected, but that can probably wait. I still have some things to sort out first, I think. I feel like some big changes need to come very soon. There have been plenty of good discussions going on about these things which is exciting.

Here is a pic from today.

A little Ruthie foot print. It gives me hope for warmer days ahead. It was only 5 degrees (41F) out, but since we are stuck in the winter-that-never-ends it seemed warm, especially since the sun was finally out, so Ruthie insisted on playing outside and running through the puddles barefoot.

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