Friday, March 11, 2011

She Knows What She Wants

Here is a great birth video I was watching the other day.
The midwife didn't make it in time, and the baby needed resuscitation, but mom knew what to do and everything was fine.

Judith heard the grunting and came running downstairs. She stopped at the landing and asked "What is that noise?" (She knew what it was though)

I said it was a birth video, and then she ran the rest of the way down and looked very eagerly around the corner to see the screen. Then she said "Phew! There's a tub. I was scared that she wouldn't be in water. I am definitely having my babies ın water." Then we sat and watched it together. =)

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Farrah said...

Hi Kelly. I am going to post more personal thing on Xanga privately. I think I just needed a fresh blog for every day stuff! I've had that one forever.