Sunday, March 27, 2011


I have been kind of wiped out by an ear infection since Friday night. It was the first one I've ever had. Seriously, I totally sympathize with babies now, they are BRUTAL! The pain and pressure is gone now, but there is still an intense ringing that is driving me completely bonkers. Especially when the kids talk or scream, it resonates really weird in my ear and sounds awful. This whole weekend was kind of a blur, I hope it gets better soon so I don't go completely crazy. I am heading out to the Dr soon to see if it is better or if there is any damage. Seriously, it really sucks. And obviously nothing was done with the house this weekend...

But anyway, just for fun, and in case anyone misses me on Facebook, here are some photos.

These were taken first thing in the morning, on Friday I believe.

Hahahaha, Ruthie thinks she's so cool. =)


momto9 said...

Yay pictures of you! I always enjoy the pictures:)
I know what you mean about the ear wonder those babies a cranky! Heck I was cranky when I had it!

brindletribe said...

I had an ear ache about a month ago. IT WAS HORRID!!!
I guess I used to get them when I was a wee one real bad. I've been grateful that my girls seem to not get them very well.

also, your littles are so cute. I love Judith's personality so much.