Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I did a lot of work yesterday! The basement and living room are both beautiful right now. Today I have to do the kitchen and bathrooms and then this house will be back in business! Well, upstairs still needs to be tidied, and I need to sort through/purge mountains of clothing of various sizes, but that will come. At least my house looks normal now, and is visitor-friendly. It's almost eerie! I forgot to mention in my last post that I also finally got around to disinfecting the whole house and washing all of the walls and everything. I had been meaning to do that since the kids got over the pox, and it feels good to finally have that done!

I got rid of an entire garbage bag full of stuff yesterday too. I probably purged over 150 items in the last 4 days alone! But I will keep going. I am going to peg myself as on track with the Purge. So today would be Day 16. As far as the Shred, I am GOING to do it for 30 days! Even if it takes me until June to do it 30 times! Today is Day 3... I know, shameful. But whatever. I need to learn to not stress about what I haven't gotten done, and just focus on right now and what I can do in the present.

I know that this entire thing hasn't really gone as planned, but I'm rolling with it. I feel like I am pulling myself out of a deep, dark pit. In so many ways. This winter was pretty hard on me mentally/emotionally/spiritually, and that was reflected in my house, as it always seems to go with me. But I feel like as I am finally getting things cleaned and organized and sorted, the same thing is happening inside of me. It's kind of a circular thing. If my house is a disaster, it gets me down, which makes it so hard to try and get myself and my house organized again. But now that things are orderly and look nice, I feel more capable of continuing with my work. It probably sounds silly to those of you who are naturally organized, or are clean-freaks, but I know a lot of you out there can also relate to me! Some days, just getting out of bed is a victory for me, honestly. So I am super proud of myself right now that I have made such progress in the last few days. I hope I can continue! It's nice when things are in order, it's easier for the kids to do stuff (they are painting right now). I feel more inspired as well, and not burdened under the weight of all the things I *need* to do and how shameful everything is.

Random Fact: It is 4310 Kms from my city to Kaffeklubben Island, which is the closest bit of land to the North Pole. In case you were wondering, as Judith was.

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