Monday, January 25, 2010

Simple Woman's Day Book - Week 4

Outside my window... Cold and snowy, again.

I am thinking... My house is so much nicer when it's clean.

I am thankful for... The turkey sandwich that I made earlier and forgot about, then I went into the kitchen a minute ago looking for something to eat, and there it was ready for me! I'm eating it right now. Sometimes my terrible memory causes wonderful surprises (other times, not so wonderful surprises...).

I am wearing... Brown cords, black tank top, brown, green, orange and white striped sweater.

I am remembering... That I have library books due this week. I will not forget this time! I hope...

I am going... To the dentist Wednesday to get 2 fillings, and I have to admit I'm pretty scared!

I am currently reading... Discipline Without Distress by Judy Arnall. I didn't get any reading done in the book this week AGAIN. But my excuse this time is that I got my Mothering magazine in the mail. That magazine is seriously the best, I have never gotten through an issue without crying! The only problem is it's never long enough. I burn through it in a day, because it's so good the rest of my life gets put on hold, and then I'm left wanting more, but have to wait TWO whole months for the next issue, not fair!

I am hoping... I have time to make cinnamon buns in the near future. That would be awesome.

On my mind... I really want to become a doula, and am thinking about taking the course in May. BUT, also wondering if this is the right time, or that maybe I should wait until next year, or later. I want to do it now, and I know I could handle the course and reading right now, but I don't know anyone who's birth(s) I could attend in order to get my certification. And I don't think I'm in a position to actually be a doula right now, while I'm still having babies myself. But I waaaaaaant to!

Noticing that... Keeping my house relatively tidy isn't as much effort as it used to be.

Pondering these words... "At this time in history, assuming that society will protect you can be a dangerous belief." ~Peggy O'Mara

From the kitchen... Lots and lots of fresh fruit! It's all we ate all morning.

Around the house... Toys still left out from our play date this morning.

One of my favorite things... Watching my kids play together and love on each other. They bring me so much joy.

From my picture journal... Me & my little man. <3

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