Monday, January 11, 2010

Simple Woman's Day Book - Week 2

Outside my window... There's still lots of snow, but it's slowly melting with the above-freezing temps we've finally had for a few days.

I am thinking... I should get up early every day and get stuff done, but I'm so not a morning person.

I am thankful for... Friends that are coming over to visit today, and another friend who came last week. They help me feel less crazy. =)

I am wearing... Pj pants, navy tshirt and black hoodie, but I need to change soon.

I am remembering... How cute it was watching Judith having a tea party with Ruthie the other night.

I am going... To pick up my inlaws at the airport tomorrow for a week-long visit, yay!

I am currently reading... Discipline Without Distress by Judy Arnall. I only got through 2 chapters this past week, I wish I had more time to sit and read!

I am hoping... That the weather stays nice for a long time. I'm so done with winter already.

On my mind... How I need to quit letting my feelings get in the way of getting things done.

Noticing that... I haven't had any alone time all week and it's really affecting my moods.

Pondering these words... "They just need to know that it's ok to actually fix the problem." My friend Lindsay said this on her blog when talking about discussing parenting issues with others, and how people would rather be defensive than think about what's going on or what's best for their kid.

From the kitchen... Not too much the last few days besides meals.

Around the house... It has actually been relatively tidy this past week.

One of my favorite things... How much both Judith and Gideon love Ruthie.

From my picture journal... Mama & Baby.

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