Sunday, October 19, 2008

Today is my Local Breastfeeding Challenge!

What: A challenge to gather together as many nursing mamas as we can at the same place and time. There will be related booths, registration packages with great coupons and information, prizes for different categories and a babywearing fashion show - plus more to be announced!

Why: To raise awareness about breastfeeding.
Canadians celebrate World Breastfeeding Week October 1-7, and this year in Canada the theme is "Mother Support: Reclaiming Our Breastfeeding Culture." This issue has recently been brought to the forefront with prominent news stories such as that of Manuela Valle at H&M and the Westjet incident, and more shockingly, the ensuing frenzy of comments in response to the articles on sites such as Now more than ever it is crucial that we create a positive support system and environment for nursing moms and moms to be everywhere. We aim to do this by holding this fun event at which parents can discuss, relate, gather information, have fun and feel accepted.

Who: Breastfeeding mamas, babies/children and their supporters.

When: Sunday October 19, 2008 10am-12pm, latch-on at 11am sharp!

Visit for more information.

For further information on the hows and whys of breastfeeding, please browse the following great websites:
101 reasons to breastfeed:

EDIT-Ugh. When I set out this morning I noticed there was something definitely wrong with the brakes on my van. Turns out we were out of break fluid. By the time we got that fixed, I missed the event. I'm so bummed...


gracious said...

I've always wanted to be a part of one of these....but in my town of 3000 I think it would be mostly just me on the street corner...hanging out.

It would be cool, and hilarious, all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had access to these sort of events when I was breastfeeding my boys.

Oh well, there is always the next one...