Friday, October 10, 2008


Yesterday morning I pulled a venison chop out of the freezer to thaw for dinner. Judith, being my constant shadow and always full of questions, wanted to know what it was. I told her it was Bambi and that we were going to eat it (don't judge until YOU have had her follow you around every second of every day, edging you little by little into an abyss of insanity). She was surprisingly very excited at this turn of events, and said "Yay! I want to eat Bambi!" I had to blink a few times to make sure this was really real. You'd think she was related to my dad or something (I come from a family of avid hunters, who were horrified when I was vegan for a few years). Then all day she kept asking if we could eat Bambi yet.

When supper time came she refused as usual to eat any meat. Even though it was "Bambi". But she was excited for Daddy to eat Bambi.

It must be the Dora treats, making her think that it's fun to eat her favourite tv friends.

P.S. I got my hair cut on Monday! I think it's cute, but I feel more like a mom now for some reason. It makes me look more grown up maybe?

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Mandi said...

Lol, she cracks me up!

Ooh and your hair is awesome, looks very cute! Do you miss your dreads or are you liking this?