Friday, June 11, 2010

Doula Shiz

So, I've been thinking a lot about my doula business lately. Mostly, I want to get some kind of name. Something not too too specific, in case I want to branch out and offer other services. All relating to birth though. So I'd like to be something _____ Birth Services. I was originally going to be Birth Stories Doula Services, but Elaine, the lady who taught our course (and is super amazingly awesome) very kindly suggested that I think about it a bit more and bounce my name off of other people, and do some market research. So, I took that as a hint that it wasn't the best name (I don't know if that was intended or not, but I appreciate that she didn't just say "Oh yeah that's great"). And I trust her judgment, she was part of the group that "pioneered" the whole concept of doulas back in the early 90's with Penny Simkin and those folks.

So anyway, I want something that sounds lovely, but also will be marketable, and describe me and/or my services. Probably not too hippie-ish, even though I basically am, because this is kind of a cowboy town. Some of the popular doula services in town are called Hip Mamas, Earthy Birthy Mamas, Nurturing Touch Doulas, and Baby on the Way Doula Services.

I do want a lot of the focus to be on the significance of the birth story and the mama's experience. I like the idea of the Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories, although obviously not the spiritual background. I won't compromise my Christian beliefs, although I have no problem attending women of different faiths. I should talk to my friend Jen who knows a lot more about Aboriginal culture... I know she has said a lot of it parallels Christian spirituality anyway. I've been thinking about the name "Dreamtime" because my own journey of motherhood began in Australia, and the native Aussie culture puts a big emphasis on stories. And I want to emphasize the spiritual aspect of birth.

Other names I have thought of/have been suggested are: Labour of Love, Mama Love, and Sacred Journey. I also like the words Wisdom, Strength, Transitions, Beginnings, Transformation, Passage, Trust, Joy, Grace, Light, Companion, Nurture, Treasure, Blessings, Servant, Support, Gentle, Peaceful, Presence, Miracle, Empower and there's probably more great words out there to describe doulas. Any other suggestions? I also like the idea of using nondescriptive words that also suit, like Lotus Blossom or Sacred Heart (although I don't really care for those specifically).

Gah, this is so hard. I think I do want a name that suggests a spiritual emphasis, perhaps even a Christian connotation, without being exclusively Christian. Sacred Journey is my favourite so far. But I also like Dreamtime. Or maybe I could find the Aboriginal word for it? That might be cool, but maybe hard to remember... I need to find out what other names are already taken in Alberta. Does anyone know how to do that?

I know I'm over-thinking this, but I do that with everything, so it's no surprise. I just want something that describes me and/or my business, that's catchy and marketable, and that I won't get sick of if I end up doing this for the next 30 years!

What do you think?

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Nina said...

I like Mama Love. I am always a fan of keeping it simple.