Friday, June 25, 2010


This year we decided to join some of our friends in raising butterflies. So we got in on a group order, and got 4 caterpillars.

One died almost right away. And one was smaller than the others. Judith named the big ones Olo (the "daddy"), and Maylo (the "mommy") and the little one Shaylo (the "baby"). Unfortunately, the big ones decided to tear the small one apart one day. So we were left with 2.

Judith and Gideon both thought they were SO cool. They checked on them every morning, and Judith often would sit and chat with them. She was really excited one morning when she discovered that they had made their cocoons!

One fell to the ground, but he was still ok.

Butterfly #1. Judith watched him "hatch", then we released him later that day when some friends came over.

Butterfly #2 emerged the next day, and I managed to capture his release with my camera (I forgot with the first one...)


It was a great experience, and I know the kids really enjoyed it and learned a lot.

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Justice Pirate said...

oh that looks like so much fun! I hope to do that with my kids when I homeschool them!!