Thursday, September 10, 2009


So I'm 27 weeks, and I just realized that means I am in my THIRD FREAKING TRIMESTER! Seriously?! Didn't I just get pregnant??? I suddenly feel so unprepared. Well, just mentally I guess. I've done it twice before and I know I can do it again, but I haven't put any thought or prep into this birth yet, whoops. I guess it's the plight of the third-born? I haven't decided yet if I want to have the baby at home or in the hospital. I've been leaning towards hospital, just so I don't have to care what my house looks like in those last few weeks, and so I don't have to worry about getting all the supplies (Oh wait, we still have those from last time...). And to save the possible annoyance of transferring to the hospital during labour like the last two times. But there is a part in my heart that still wants to try for home. Third time's a charm, right? Plus, labour was SO much easier at home vs. in the hospital. Hospitals also kind of make me nervous these days, with all of the sicknesses floating around, if all goes well I know that it would be much safer to have the baby at home. Ah, so much to suddenly think about!

Here is some info on the baby at week 27 - Isn't it amazing how babies develop?

Also, here is a link to an interview with Cindy Crawford about her home birth experience - and

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