Sunday, September 27, 2009

We Got a House!

Here is our new place!

I'm SO excited! I so desperately wanted a home for the winter. Now the kids can expend their energy at home and in the back yard, so I won't have to go out every single day with them just to keep everyone's sanity. Wow, an actual home! It's our first 'real' home as a family (all we've ever had were apartments or communal living arrangements). It will be a little surreal for a while, I think.

We sign the lease tomorrow night, and then can move in Oct 15 - 31. We are getting the last 2 weeks of Oct for free, which is great, we won't have to move everything all in one day.

It's a really nice neighbourhood too. It's close to everything we need, but not very busy at all. The house is on a nice, quiet street with a couple big parks, grocery stores, busses and a mini-mall near-by. Our living expenses will go up quite a bit, but we still got a really good deal on the place. It's such a relief to get a place, you have no idea.

Maybe I will even get to have my home birth now!


Grace@ MammaInTheScene said...

wow! I'm really excited for you guys :-) When we moved into our house it was such a relief!
...of course now we live in our little room, and that's a relief too. ha!

I guess home is what you make it, huh?

Anyway, all that to say, I'm really excited for you guys, and I hope you get to have your homebirth! :-)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! So happy for you guys!