Friday, September 18, 2009

House Hunting

Sorry that I haven't been posting as usual! I do have SO much to share about our trip to Ontario. But I have been a little distracted since we got home. Lately my life has been consumed with the possibility of moving to a new house. It has been difficult, as everything in our price range hasn't quite been able to meet our needs. Although we really do need to find something, we are quickly outgrowing this tiny apartment. I have an overwhelming urge to nest, but I have been resisting because I don't know whether to start organizing everything here, or packing things away in boxes. This limbo phase is killing me! If we can't move somewhere by November 1, then we will have to wait until the spring (I'm not moving with a newborn, just can't do it!). We will also have to have a place secured by the end of the month so we can give our landlord adequate notice. So we only have a couple weeks to find something. We went and looked at a home last night that is perfect, and that we should be able to afford. I filled out the application, and will find out Tuesday if we got the house or not. There are several applicants. I'm hoping and praying that the landlords choose us! It would make our lives so much better.

Hopefully I will be back to my regular posting soon!

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