Wednesday, September 30, 2009

30 Weeks!

Wow, I honestly can't believe I'm 30 weeks! I seriously need to take a belly pic, I'm not sure if I've taken one since... the spring?? This is just going by too fast!

My midwife appointment yesterday was good. I was a little late, so we had to go through things a little quicker than usual and didn't get to just hang out for a while, but that's ok I guess. The kids seemed a little extra crazy anyway. I've only gained 1 pound in the last 4 weeks, which is ok since the month before I gained like, 12 pounds... I told them about how I was sick, and they said I should have called them, so they could check me and the baby. But honestly I wasn't too worried, the baby doesn't stop moving long enough for me to ever worry about her. This baby is seriously so much like Judith. I hope she doesn't have reflux too! If she does end up being just like Judith, I probably will not sleep AT ALL for the first 3 or 4 months. But at least I will be better prepared and more equipped to handle it this time. I will need to learn the fine art of wearing her in the wrap all day. At least until my hernia surgery, that might throw a wrench in things... But what would life be without constant, new challenges? By the time I have baby #6, I will probably have figured out a way to fly...

I didn't get to hear the heart beat though. The midwives tried for quite a while to get it, but the baby wouldn't stay still long enough to get a good, loud reading. Obviously, I wasn't worried about it. They caught it faintly a couple times, enough to get the heart rate anyway. Both kids were up on the bed with me when they were trying, it was so cute!

I love that the kids are so involved with this pregnancy. Judith especially is so interested. She got to hold the doppler thing, and the blood pressure machine, and kept pointing out the baby's movements. Often Judith and I will sit on the couch and she will put her hand on my belly and feel the baby kicking and moving around. She also rubs body butter on my belly at night, which I don't really look forward to because she always seems to push hard on my hernias, but I like that she's bonding with her sister. She talks and sings to the baby all the time too. I hope they end up having a good relationship, especially since their personalities might be quite similar, they're both girls, and they both seem kind of firey... So I could see them clashing a lot. Poor Gideon will have to be the peace-maker. At least he's the type that would probably be good at it. But who knows, maybe they will all get along wonderfully.

My appointments from now on will be every TWO weeks, I can't believe it! I will have another baby in 7-12 weeks!

I can't believe how busy the next 3 months will be. We are moving, then it's Judith's birthday (she has already told me she wants a party with cake and presents and games with all her friends, but at least we will have the space to do it!), then my mom comes out, then the baby is due, then it's Christmas! Wow! I should like, start planning and getting things ready or something!

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