Sunday, January 30, 2011

Well, That Explains It!

Judith came up to me with Ruthie's Blankie tied around her neck like a cape, and announced that she was a super hero.

She asked me if there was anything I was missing that she could find or "save" for me.

I automatically responded with "My brain."

And she excitedly told me "OH! I saw a brain behind a tree in the jungle, and it had the name KELLY on it!" Then she ran off, to the rescue.

Unfortunately, the super hero got distracted by some toy ponies along the way, then Ruthie reclaimed her Blankie, and there was no more super hero.

At least I know my brain is out there... somewhere...


Graceful Oven said...


momto9 said...

oh my gosh that is just priceless!!! So so cute! Hmmm....I wonder if MY brain is behind the next tree:)

Anonymous said...

Love it :)

Amy said...

Mine must hideout, too, behind the tree, somedays. I hope it still has my name on it.