Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fun Times

(I'm just copying things I post on facebook here so I can keep a record of them!)

Judith: "Do you have any escape pants?" Me: "What are escape pants?" Judith: "Pants that get up and walk away when you're not looking." Hahaha, maybe that's why I find her clothes all over the house!

Judith: "Mom, this mirror looks fat..."

Best misinterpretation: Me - (rolling over in bed this morning) "Oh, I kneed you..." Dave - (getting all excited) "You NEED me?" Hahahahaha.

Judith: "Curling is a party, eating is NOT a party!" and "Farting is stupid."

Judith: "Mommy, come look at this!" Me: "I can't right now, I'm cleaning the kitchen." Judith: "You're ACTUALLY cleaning the kitchen?!?!"

Judith: "Let's play a game, Mom. I'll scream, and you have to guess if there's blood, or no blood."

Judith (in the van, as we were stopped at a red light): "Dear Jesus, please give me wings so I can fly to Tim Hortons faster." Me: "I don't think Jesus is going to give you wings, at least not in this lifetime." J: "But Jesus just told me that he would give me whatever I prayed for..." Me: ... Then later as we were pulling into the drive-thru, she screams "Ouch! My back hurts! I think it's my wings growing!" Haha.

Judith (while making a "seascape"): "This jellyfish is the Mommy, because it has a big head..."

Judith is currently playing with a magnifying glass, and claims it has x-ray powers!

Gideon joined us for our Shred tonight (so it was me and all 3 kids). Most of the time he looked like he was dancing in the pit at a hardcore show, it was awesome.


Graceful Oven said...

I loved these and got quite a laugh. Judith is so cool!

momto9 said...

Waht a great sense of humor that girl has!
And the one with you and dave...well that one cracked me up.So typical of these guys eh?