Saturday, October 17, 2009

RIP Dillinger

Summer 2003 - Thanksgiving 2009

David and I got Dillinger just after we were married. He first lived with Dave's parents, and then we had him for 2 years. When we moved to Australia, Dilly went to live with my parents, and spent the rest of his life there. Unfortunately, last weekend he was hit by a car, and passed away. He will be dearly missed.

As a kitten at my inlaws' house.

At our first apartment (with a beardless Dave!).

One year old.

Dave took Dillinger for a swim at the cottage, and he was NOT impressed. I love this photo, it's one of my favourites ever. Dilly did like water though, he always had to be there if someone was taking a bath or shower, and even ventured into the lake a few times on his own!

He loved to sleep in the sink at our second apartment, it was right over the heater and got really warm in the winter.

Meeting Judith when we came back to Canada (she was 3 months).

At the cottage when Judith was 20 months old.

My kitty kitty.

Gideon and Dilly this past summer.

The last ever photo of Dillinger, taken by my mom a few weeks ago.

Here is a clip of the few videos I have of Dilly. It's cute to see how little Judith was in a couple of them (she was 20 months), and Jake too (my parents' dog who passed away last winter).

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Aw :( Sorry for your loss.