Thursday, October 15, 2009

Getting Back to Being Thankful

This past weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada, and I realized that I haven't done a "1000 Gifts" post in a while. So let's do that.

101 - Getting the keys to our new house tonight, yay!

102 - Getting a Tim Horton's gift card and 2 Goodmama diapers in the mail yesterday, which was a much-needed ray of sunshine during a rough day.

103 - Fun Dip for the kids from Grandma.

104 - A nice little stress-free Thanksgiving dinner with just our little family.

105 - A little boy who has been a joyful trooper despite being sick.

106 - A little girl who is suddenly looking so grown up.

107 - Getting to sleep in a lot lately.

108 - The promise of warmer weather for this weekend when we move.

109 - How Gideon likes to "steal" mugs and canisters of tea and hide away in our bedroom trying to figure out how this works.

110 - Judith deeming herself "Judith, The Pretty."

111 - Home made lemonade.

112 - The sound effects Gideon makes when he plays with trains and cars.

113 - Living with the sweetest little ballerina.

114 - Goodmamas and wool pants.

115 - A very active little baby in my tummy.

116 - 32 weeks of pregnancy!

117 - A husband who makes the best stove-top popcorn and home made chocolate almond milk.

118 - Having 4 pillows to sleep with at night.

119 - A husband who has been doing the grocery shopping for the last month.

120 - Knowing that we will not be living in this clutter and mess much longer.

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