Monday, October 5, 2009

The Farm

My grandparent's farm is across the road from the cottage, so we spent a lot of time there too on our vacation.

Gideon with his Great-Grandpa.

Judith LOVED the farm cat, she was so calm and tolerated anything Judith would do to her.

Tractors and toy cars, a little boys dream!

That bike is much, much older than I am.

Slip N Slide!

This high chair was purchased when my Grandma was born. She sat in there as a baby, as have her children, grandchildren, and now great-grandchildren!

Kids and puddles...

Gideon and Buddy, the farm dog.

Buddy normally puts up quite the fight when someone wants his stick, but he was so gentle with Gideon and they were handing the stick back and forth, it was so sweet.

Judith playing fetch with Buddy, literally.

More old toys.

Checking out the cows.


All of my cousins and I were measured on this wall as we grew up. Judith and Gideon are on there too! We found out that Gideon is slightly taller than Judith was at his age.

Picking peas in the garden.

The tastiest of snacks!

The farm is such a special place for me. It gives me an overwhelming sense of being "home", which I don't feel in many places (like where we live now). It was wonderful to get to spend time there.

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