Monday, February 23, 2009

A Starbucks Moment

The other day I picked up soy chai lattes for all of us at Starbucks, and the quotation on Judith's cup was "Mother-love is not inevitable. The good mother is a great artist ever creating beauty out of chaos." It really spoke to me. I have been struggling lately with my identity as a young mother. So much of what was in my heart pre-motherhood has been put on hold, or forgotten altogether. Some days I wonder if I will ever have the chance to actually be the creative person I know is in there. This simple inscription on the side of my little girl's cup gave me hope that, perhaps, I AM indeed being true to my heart and my purpose in life. It just looks differently than I thought it would. Even just the wording of it spoke to me on many personal levels that I won't take the time to explain here. I will have to remind myself of this next time I get discouraged with my life.


Anonymous said...

I think we all have to be reminded of that from time to time. Its easy to forget in the midst of chaos!

Mandi said...

You know, I think just about every time I read a post from you, I think: "wow. She is such a good mama." I just wanted to let you know that. Even if you doubt yourself, others (especially your children) are appreciating you.