Friday, February 20, 2009

Is It Just Me?

...Or have they grown SO MUCH lately?

Gideon looks SO much like Dave in this pic, but also at the same time SO much like my brother. It's weird! He's seriously grown a couple of inches in the last week or so.

Judith has suddenly grown up too. She now talks in perfect paragraphs, and I just LOVE when she speaks with excellent grammar and a varied vocabulary. She has also learned the art of lying, but we're working on that. And I've noticed her size 3 pants are getting a little short already! We only moved from 2 to 3 in November (but Judith insists that she doesn't really need pants anyway)... Chop Chop is getting really big too! I was looking at some old pics recently, and just realized how much he has grown. He can barely fit under the gate into the kitchen these days. When we first got him, he barely had to duck to get under!

Also, happy 1st birthday to Dragon! His birthday was on the 15th.

Here is a video we took on Valentine's Day. Please excuse my horrible singing and the tv in the background, but I just have to show off how Gideon can stand and hold up his own weight now, and also give us 5 on command!


gracious said...

ha ha! so great!

Marla said...

That was AWESOME. Also, I'm hoping that if Rhiannon watches Judith talk maybe it will rub off on her and she'll want to say more. Which would be great.