Monday, July 19, 2010

Serious Business

I always thought Gideon was serious about food as a baby, but Ruthie puts him to shame! She got her first tooth at 6 months, the earliest of my kids to get one, and she has put it, now them (she has 2 now, she got her second at 7 months) to work! She has very minimal patience for being spoon-fed, she would much rather feed herself, I suppose that way she can ensure to get the job done "right". She also hasn't had as much patience for nursing lately, which makes me a little sad, although we will not be stopping any time soon, don't worry. Milk is just not as interesting at the moment I guess.

She got the pincer grasp down immediately, and had it perfected at 6 months. With both hands.

She was born with her tongue sticking out like this, and when I first gazed lovingly into her eyes, her expression very clearly and firmly said FEED ME. She latched right away, and never needed help nursing. She has loved food ever since, and when she is hungry she lets me know by sticking her tongue out. Or, if she realizes that someone else is eating something, anything, her tongue comes out and curls up. It's seriously too adorable for words.

She can even handle mushy foods all on her own.

She loves chicken, but is clearly NOT a fan of tuna.

One at a time wasn't fast enough for the strawberries...

Her favourite, by far, are Cheerios. They have taken her love for life to new heights.

She knows the box, haha. I think she was trying to will some on to her tray here.

I have a feeling she may choose to work with food some day, it seems like a life-long passion in the making.

P.S. YES! We do tend to follow baby-led weaning, thanks for asking! I've posted this before, but in case you are new, here are a couple links with some info: and

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