Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Births

It's no secret that I am a fan of birth stories and videos. Even when I watch certain TLC shows that infuriate me, I still end up crying when the baby is born. Being a witness to the miracle of birth is always an honour to me. Our culture can try to screw with it all it wants, but it's still a miracle. I know that sometimes things happen, and I thank God for the technology we have that does save lives. I also know that many women have wonderful, empowering births with assistance or surgery. I have no problem with women who want drugs or interventions, as long as they get what they need to feel safe, are respected and have a positive experience, and have a healthy baby. Personally, I am moved by every birth, and every story is valid and captivating to me.

But there is something overwhelmingly beautiful when you get to witness birth unfold naturally, as the mother is able to listen to her body, and trust triumphs over fear. I can't even begin right now to explain the depths of emotion a birthing mother goes through, the extreme vulnerability that can empower or destroy her. The passage into motherhood occurs on every level of being. It is such a sacred time, whether medicalized or not. But for those of us who have been fortunate enough to experience birth naturally and joyfully, we know nothing compares. I truly wish that every woman who wanted to, could have a birth like this.

Here are a few videos that have moved me recently.

This one was incredibly fast! The father had just left briefly to let the midwives in and get some towels (I think I read that in the comments before they were disabled). The poor mama was kind of in shock though! It just shows that labour isn't always long and hard. (Click the links)

Here's another quick, beautiful birth (warning: boobs. Although if you're into birth, it's obviously not a big deal.).

And finally, this one is long, but worth watching. It's a hospital birth, but you'd never know it. It shows how calm and gentle birth can be, and also how skilled and professional the midwives are, while also being respectful and not causing a scene or making the mother fearful.

You can also find tons of other great home birth videos by clicking the links after these videos. It's truly incredible what women are capable of.

Ruthie's birth was a lot like these. Honestly, one of my biggest regrets ever was not getting her birth on video. It would have been great to share it with the world.

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