Thursday, February 11, 2010

1000 Gifts: 171 - 190

171 - Chocolate chips. Sometimes I just need a handful of them to help me get through the day.

172 - Night time. When it's quiet and I can think. That's my favourite time.

173 - Judith insisting on wearing Lambie in the mei tai (she took this photo herself, using the timer on the camera).

174 - Judith learning to spell her name! Thanks to her interest in the computer (her name is her password for her account, it was a great way for her to lean to spell it!).

175 - Playing Hide-and-Seek with Gideon.

176 - Judith's enthusiasm to learn and create every morning.

177 - The baby sleep factory. I think I've used the hammock as one of my gifts already, but seriously this thing is awesome! She slept for 8 straight hours the other night (Gideon made sure I didn't though)! And she will usually have one big 2-3 hour nap in there in the afternoon too (plus lots of cat naps on my lap/chest).

178 - Free pizza and root beer! Almost as wonderful as the dear friends we shared them with. =)


180 - Having friends over almost every day last week. Since Ruthie was born I've realized that I have some really wonderful friends, that care enough to come visit me when I'm still not up for going out with all 3.

181 - How cute Gideon is, even when he's pouty.

182 - New underwear! For both Dave and I. It was very much needed.

183 - Gideon finally made peace with socks. He figured out that socks = warm, so now he doesn't bug me as much about being cold.

184 - Judith decided she likes seaweed. Yay iodine!

185 - My little Ruthie bear.

186 - A girls day out shopping with my favourite two little girls!

187 - Judith's new dress and shoes that she is so proud of!

188 - Running into an old friend while out shopping.

189 - Seeing Ruthie in little clothes I wore as a baby, as did her big sister.

190 - Finding yummy juice on sale and indulging ALL WEEK!

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Grace@ MammaInTheScene said...

a. love it when my littles wear their animals in a sling

b. that new dress and shoes is super cute.

c. i also like chocolate chips. delicious.