Thursday, August 6, 2009

Park Fun

The kids love the park by our house.

Judith can finally reach the bar!

I was trying to get a photo of Judith swinging, since she is finally learning to pump her legs and swing herself so she doesn't need a push all the time. But Gideon kept walking on front, haha.

She can do it!

Gideon LOVES the swings too! As soon as I put him in it, he started screaming "Higher! Higher!" Seriously, it's the cutest thing ever.

She ran...

And jumped... and fell on her butt. It's not quite as soft as the kiddie pool...

Pretty girl.

"Say your prayers, Mr. Dandelion!"

He seriously loves dandelions.

On our way to the store to get treats!

I really wish summer lasted longer here! It's my favourite.


Anonymous said...

I'm really loving summer this year too! Well, besides the crippling heat, but I love going to the park and playing in the sprinkler.

Grace@ MammaInTheScene said...

I love parks. a lot. and dandelions. they're delicious

Anonymous said...

I just seriously can't believe how big your littles are getting to be. I remember reading your xanga when Judith was an itty bitty, and it's so crazy to see Gideon even bigger than she was back then!