Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mama's Butt Crack

My gifts this week:

76 - All of the amazing random things Judith says and does that makes me laugh. My favourite this week was "Mama, your butt is cracking!" (in reference to the sunburn on my lower back that was peeling).

(this is Judith wearing Dave's pj pants)

77 - Hot hot weather, finally!

78 - Officially becoming a full-time SAHM.

79 - Counting it an honour to have been part of the SA Foundation for 2 years.

80 - Making the best ever jam!

81 - Having lots of lists to keep my sanity as I pack and clean for our upcoming vacation.


83 - Gideon giving hugs and kisses on demand.

84 - Judith memorizing books and "reading" them to me and/or Gideon.

85 - How Gideon automatically waves if I say "hi" or "bye", claps if I say "yay", gives a high five to my outstretched hand, and blows me kisses. <3

86 - Judith learning how to fold tshirts and pants, and she's actually good at it!

87 - Gideon saying "Uh oh, d'oh" (uh oh, spaghettio) when he intentionally drops something from his high chair.

88 - How Judith keeps Gideon safe and in line when I am busy. =)

89 - Staying up until 2am watching Ice Road Truckers with Dave.

90 - Trying Mini-Donuts for the first time ever!

91 - Watching Gideon try Mini-Donuts for the first time ever!!!

92 - Listening to Gideon sing and dance. If he hears a tune, he can copy it EXACTLY. He's got talent.

93 - Watching Judith make gymnastics circuits out of our furniture and random objects around the house. She is very creative (and brave).

94 - Feeling the baby dance in my belly at night as I am failing to find sleep and suffering from heartburn. It helps the time pass. =)

95 - Jumping on the bed with the kids.

96 - The excitement on Judith's face when we actually caught the ice cream truck for once.

97 - Grape juice, mmmmmmm....

98 - Dave getting to work today despite the rain (we can't afford him to miss work this week since he is taking 3 weeks off unpaid for our vacation!).

99 - Getting so much accomplished in anticipation of our trip!

100 - The fact that I really do enjoy the constant company of Dave and the kids, even though they make me crazy sometimes. =)

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Grace@ MammaInTheScene said...

a. I love the title of this post
b. I love that feeling the baby was followed up by jumping on the bed with the littles
c. i love children in their daddy's jammies.