Friday, November 13, 2009

Looking Ahead...

I just want to share a couple links with you. I have been SO busy lately, as you can imagine with just moving, planning Judith's 4th birthday, planning a home birth, AND preparing for Christmas! But come January there are 2 things I really want to focus on. 1 is eating better, and 2 is becoming more self-disciplined and taking better care of my family and house.

I came across this blog thanks to a friend on facebook, and I think it will be really helpful for getting my family healthy using baby steps. It's great timing for me too.

And I used to follow FlyLady, but I haven't since the spring. But I want to get back on that bandwagon!


1urbanmom said...

Haven't been around much lately! I can't believe your so close to the end of your pregnancy.. Praying for your health and safety.

erinmike said...

These are great goals and great sites! Thanks for sharing!
I too am feeling overwhelmed (I can't imagine how you must feel with two littles and being SO pregnant!)
I am really excited about this!